One of our Mentors spoke at our 129th Annual General Meeting this October ... below is a transcript of his thoughtful and heartfelt speech.

Good morning everyone, welcome to the AGM. My name is Bailey, I’ve enjoyed my time at Cottage by the Sea.

My five highlights were

  • The Melbourne trip
  • Seeing Foxy lose his hat, we were fishing at Ocean Grove and it was so windy Foxy lost his hat
  • Fishing on the Gone Fishing boat
  • Snow camp at Mt Buller
  • Seeing the staff and other REEF and Mentor campers

I have been here for 3 years and have attended every camp. What I’ve learnt is to bond with other people and work with other people.

I’ve had fun since the first camp and enjoy seeing the staff and other REEF and Mentors. This year I went to the Melbourne and Moulamein camp

Last year I won an Award and I used this to buy a pair of basketball shoes. Cause I love basketball and we won the Grand Final.

I’m looking forward to meeting new Mentors and seeing more of the staff.

Thank you for listening!