We had a beautiful day here in Queenscliff, 23 degrees and partly cloudy. A perfect day to be outdoors all day. The morning started with a boogey board at the Ocean Grove beach with nice clean waves rolling in. The group partnered up and shared a board between them. Once we were dry and changed we headed to the local park where Marco, the chef delivered a BBQ cook up with sausages and burgers.

We had the whole afternoon to spend down at our favourite rock pooling spot, Barwon Heads. We had a list of critters that the children might find down there but they were all so interested when we mentioned ‘dragon eggs’.

A short description on a dragon egg is a small, hard, white ball very similar to a golf ball (of course being a golf ball).

So the hunt was on, no one cared about the crabs or sea stars, everyone wanted a rare dragon’s egg. It took awhile but one of the boys yelled, “I’ve got it, I’ve found it! A dragon egg” everyone ran over to see what it was. Soon enough the group realised a dragon’s egg was in fact a golf ball, when one of the boys threw it against the rock and it bounced right back at him with no cracks.

This did not stop the hunt and as we went along the rock pools another egg was found, this time a yellow egg. “Does this mean a yellow dragon hatches from this egg” a camper asked. Of course it does we replied and the hunt continued.

By the end of the session we had a total of three eggs found, this was a new Cottage record. Although not everyone found an egg, which left some campers very upset, the three that found an egg shared with the group and put a smile on the children’s faces that missed out.