It was a drizzly Thursday morning as camp leaders discussed the day’s program.

Should we stay indoors, or head outside and hope the drizzle clears?

It was decided that although it was a tad wet, it was not cold, so we loaded everyone on the bus, connected the SUP trailer and headed to Barwon Heads for a morning of water activities.

For our Second Year REEFies it would be their first time learning to stand up paddleboard.

We all worked together unloading the boards off the trailer, before meeting on the riverbank and eagerly listening to a safety Instruction from Camp leader Sean.

Soon it was time to head into the water.

The REEFies started slowly with a rescue paddle, before progressing to a knee paddle.

Finally, it was time to see how good their balance was as they transitioned from their knees to standing up tall on the wobbly boards.

Some REEFies made it look easy, while other found it a tad tricky.

There was loads of laughter and few big splashes as some fell off their boards.

“This is so much fun!” said one of the REEFies.

Before long, it was time to work together again, and carry all the boards back up to the SUP trailer.

Thankfully, the rain had stopped as we changed out of our wetsuits before enjoying some morning tea in the park.