On Take a Break, we BOUNCE!

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Visiting the indoor trampoline centre BOUNCE was a new experience for most of the children on the Take a Break program this week. Living all the way down the Victorian coast in Warrnambool, their nearest BOUNCE centre is in Geelong. When the children caught wind of an upcoming session at BOUNCE, one girl in particular was so excited.

She had heard about an awesome place called BOUNCE from her friends back at home, but had never been given the opportunity to go because it was too far away.

When we arrived at the centre, her eyes lit up and the grin on her face was ear to ear. She was ready to go, ripping off her shoes and trying to sneak over to the trampolines before anyone else. Luckily, we saw her sneaking and made sure she knew the rules and had her special BOUNCE socks on before hitting the trampolines.

She was so excited, she didn’t know where to start. The running, or the dodgeball court, maybe the basketball arena… Instead, she decided to start on the free-fall giant pillow and took the leap of faith to land in the soft, marshmallow-like air pillow.

Once the trampoline park was complete, it was time to put our shoes back on and tackle the rock-climbing, which was something she had never done before. She was a little nervous at first but once she saw her friend zipping up the wall and with a little encouragement from the staff and her peers, she was clipping in and scaling the walls. She completed just about every wall in the centre with ease. This is the power of “challenge by choice”.

At the end of the afternoon, she thanked each staff member with a high five and was so happy she could keep the awesome new BOUNCE grip socks!

Each program at Cottage by the Sea is infused with inspiration, fun and opportunity, with this week’s Take a Break program no exception.