One epic party wave

Stories From Camp

On Thursday morning, the waves were pumping at Ocean Grove Main Beach, perfect for our surf session! Sam our Cottage surfing guru ran through the basics of how to catch a wave. After a few practise runs on the sand we were ready to tackle the ocean.

At first, many of the campers found it a challenge, working their way through the steps of surfing – paddling, chicken wing arms, arching their back like a cobra, sliding to their knees and then of course standing up on the wave.

As the session went on, so did the confidence levels and we began to see some of the campers standing up and surfing the waves. By the end of our session we were seeing multiple children riding on the same waves, this became a new challenge called ‘the party wave’. Our very last wave for the day become the epic party wave and we had everyone line up ready to go. Almost every surfer paddled into the wave and a few of the children were able to ride it all the way into beach.