During COVID-19 restrictions, Cottage by the Sea has stayed socially connected with the children.

Over the past few months our Programs Team have been on a sharp learning curve as they explore new ways to deliver programs to children in need during times of social distancing. The team is connecting with REEF & Mentor participants several times a week, providing them with regular challenges to move them outside their comfort zones; mindfulness activities to support their emotional wellbeing; and, crafty tasks to inspire creative minds. 

Sit in on one of our Zoom sessions with Cottage by the Sea alumnus and Olympic athlete Morgan Mitchell.

Take a look at a few of the challenges we’ve set.

The team sent out over 1000 activity booklets to children who attended Take a Break camps at Cottage last year.  These booklets have been received with enthusiasm by parents and children alike. They are packed with activities to supplement the children’s schooling, focussing on fun and well being, while re-connecting children with happy memories of their stay at Cottage by the Sea.