The Take a Break program is the most common program on offer at the Cottage. Children are often in grades 3-6 and stay at the Cottage for up to 5 days. The program emphasises co-operation and respect and encourages children to be healthy, active, happy and secure.

Children are usually referred by school welfare officers, welfare agencies, government health departments or council services.


  • to establish positive patterns of behaviour in children
  • to develop additional social skills that assist children in group situations
  • to improve school attendance
  • to encourage children to be more active
  • to endorse the benefits of healthy eating habits
  • to support well-being by increasing self-esteem and confidence
  • to advocate respect for self and others



  • improved school attendance
  • more active children
  • healthier eating habits
  • increased self-esteem and confidence
  • greater respect for self and others