Quicksilver Surf Day

Our Stories

The tradition lives on. Every year for the last 13 years, Cottage by the Sea and Quicksilver / Boardriders have partnered up to run a surf day for the children attending Cottage by the Sea. This year’s lucky participants came from one of the communities effected be bushfires in 2019/20, who the Cottage has been supporting through funded programs over the past years. These children have had a tough couple of years with the devastating bushfires and then COVID. Some of the children had never been on a camp before this week, so we wanted to make it an extra special experience for them.

We met our new Boardriders friends down at Cosy Corner in Torquay where we played a quick intro game to become familiar with each other. In no time we were down on the beach and in the water learning how to surf. We were lucky enough to have eight helpers from the Boardriders as well as Cottage staff. This allowed for all the help the children needed. We were in the water for almost two hours and every child was able to stand up at least once!

After the surf we were invited back to the Boardriders restaurant above the Quiksilver shop. The children had the choice of lunch and we all sat down with our new friends whilst we enjoyed an amazing meal. After our meal, the Boardriders team presented the children with some special gifts. Every participant received a new backpack full of goodies. Wallets, towels, hats and stickers! There were all so happy and thankful to the Boardriders team. It was a great day all round and we are excited for next year’s event.

Thank you Boardriders!!