Rainbow fish on a rainy day

Our Stories

It was a typical winter’s day on Tuesday this week. The rain started at midnight and it rained all the way through until dinner the day after. This kept us indoors all day. The Cottage by the Sea team had to be creative and brainstormed all kinds of different games as well as arts and crafts to fill in the day on our Take a Break program.

The crowd favourite was the afternoon activity of creating rainbow fish. The children found their own space in the art room and began cutting out pieces of colourful paper in the shape of fish scales to stick them onto a fish template. We were super creative and used all different kinds of materials, including colourful feathers.

The goal of the activity was to create a colourful fish or coral to stick onto a window in the art room. The window has now become an aquarium for all of us to see as we walk past. The children really loved this activity and it will now become a wet weather timetable go-to for the Programs team.