Reconnecting with friends

Our Stories

On the 22nd of September Camp Leaders Ebony, Louise, Louis and Sean picked up the new Mentors for a 5-day camp to Moulamein, thanks to the generosity of APCO. After a five-hour bus ride we reached camp. Although we all go to different schools and we hadn’t seen each other for quite some time we all connected back up like we had been close friends for years. 

Throughout the week, we experienced lots of different challenges such as ferreting, catching the rabbits before they headed back down the warrens, patiently waiting for a fish to bite and just generally making chit chat around the camp fire.

During some of the camps down time, we had Mary-Anne teach us some of her favourite card games. Exploding kittens was definitely a fan favourite. While the others tried their luck fishing off the boat.

On the last night, we had a 2-storey high bonfire filled with pallets, tyres, a chair and even Sean’s old smelly shoes. 

In the morning, it was all hands-on deck as it was time to pack down the camp and head off for the long drive home. 

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