REEF offsite adventure on the Great Ocean Road

Our Stories

It’s not every day you celebrate your birthday on a REEF adventure with friends. Cameron’s 12th birthday started off with a breakfast feast of bacon and eggs. The kids sat on the banks of the Cumberland River and watched the ducks swim by while enjoying breakfast together. 

Our first activity was a short drive back to Sheoak Falls. The sun was shining as we hiked up the path, taking in the picturesque views of the Great Ocean Road below. The base of the waterfalls was the perfect spot to sit and enjoy some morning tea together. After a few moments, we made our way back to the busses ready to explore our next waterfall – Erskine Falls.

We raced down the stairs to the bottom of the falls, where the children posed for a group photo. We sat for a while on the platform, watching the water cascade down the rocks. Eventually, we realised we had to tackle all those stairs again on the way back up. We were a bit slower going up, and we stopped a few times to gather our breath.

Our afternoon was spent surfing in the beautiful blue ocean. The Reefies gathered wetsuits and boards and headed out for a surf. The children paddled like crazy for a wave, before popping up to their feet. There were lots of cheers, laughter and high-fives as they caught waves all the way to the beach.

We had one more activity left before dinner – a trip to the bat cave. We carefully climbed the rocks as we followed the coastline, arriving safely at the opening of the bat cave. With our torches on, we crept down low and made our way through the small passage, arriving at the big open cave. Using their torches, the Reefies spotted the stalactites that had formed.

Soon it was time for dinner, birthday presents and cake. We headed back to camp to make our burgers and sit around the campfire. Finally, we all sang happy birthday to Cameron and enjoyed a big piece of banana cake.