Reef swim with a special find!

Our Stories

Each week the children gear up into wetsuits for a swim at our favourite beach, right out the back gate of Cottage. If we’re lucky we time the swim right on the low tide. When its low tide at our beach the small reef becomes exposed. The reef is a beautiful sight and we invite the children to explore it when we can.

The reef creates a natural deep rock pool, which is protected from the waves, this is perfect for us to swim and have some fun in. The children line up, one by one and jump into the deep pool making the biggest splash they can.

We allow the children to swim back to shore right through the middle of the pool, looking for any sea creatures hiding. This week two of our children, brother and sister found two sea stars. One of the sea stars was bright orange in colour and we discovered later on it was called a Linckia Sea Star. The brother on the other hand had found a dark purple sea star and we knew this one was a velvet sea star. All of the children gathered around and had a turn feeling the rough skin of the sea stars before returning them back to their homes.