REEFies at the snow

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Is there really a better way to finish off the month of July than by spending two full weeks at the snow? Well for our lucky second year REEF kids and staff members Jess, Bill, Sean, Troy, Fox, Jae and Nat, that’s exactly what we did!

Our annual snow camp was held once again at Mt Buller and aimed to deliver and cover all the aspects of the REEF program whilst teaching our awesome young REEFies to snowboard. From challenging and pushing themselves outside of their usual comfort zones, we witnessed their true colours and strong friendships shine through.

We began each morning participating in a group lesson with qualified Mt Buller instructors so that we could get the hang of things. The afternoons were spent practicing everything we had been taught and giving it our best go. Of course we allowed some time in-between and throughout the day to enjoy some down time, resting our bodies and refuelling with some healthy and delicious home cooked lunches.

By the end of the week not only had our REEF kids become pro snowboarders (with some of them even progressing onto blue runs by the third day!), but they also could not contain their enthusiasm, for everyone was so proud of both themselves and each other.

On our last night together before enduring the 5-hour bus journey home, we thought it was only fair and necessary to take the REEFies out for a celebratory dinner with pizza and reflect upon our time spent together and discuss the challenges we overcame to achieve our given goals for the week.

We would like to say a kind thank-you to our good friend and current year 12 student, Harvey, for helping out on the first week, providing our REEFies with a fun, reliable and determined mentor to look up to. As well as a huge thank-you to our wonderful sponsors and donors who make this possible! Lastly and most particularly we can’t forget to thank our REEF legends for making the snow camp extra awesome, well done everyone, we couldn’t be more impressed with your efforts!