Resilience in the rain!

Our Stories

From the moment we arrived in Sydney it started to rain, we all joked about bringing the rain with the us from Victoria. Even though it was forecasted to rain all week this didn’t phase us. Our biggest day of the camp was spent all outdoors, starting at the Taronga Zoo. The ferry ride across the harbour was a bumpy ride and we experienced our first down pour for the morning. When we arrived at the gift shop most of the Mentors bought their own ponchos were ready to go! A little rain wasn’t going to stop us. We spent hours wondering around seeing our favourite animals, we even sat in the rain to watch the amazing bird flight show.

Once the show was over the decision was made to head back across the harbour, we had to check out the famous Sydney Opera House. But it was bucketing down! We quickly ran out in the rain for a photo before heading off to the bridge climb.

We arrived to the bridge climb and the rain started to clear, we had high hopes that it wasn’t going to rain on us. The first 15 minutes was clear but we were watching as the heavy clouds rolled through. Before we knew it, it was raining on us. We whipped out our waterproof jackets provided by the bridge climb and continued our trek up and along the bridge.

It rained on us for the next hour and a half. Despite all the rain the Mentors were all in good spirits and were proud of what they had achieved. We still captured incredible views from the top of the bridge and all achieved something amazing. It’s a special moment when you can tell people you have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

When we arrived back down to the base, both groups shared their stories and experiences on what was the most memorable activity they’ve ever done with Cottage by the Sea.