Scholarship update: LEGO championships

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Offering a child the opportunity to pursue a passion can be a life-defining experience, which we are regularly reminded of through our scholarship program.

We recently received a letter from scholarship recipients at Woodville Primary School, who have attended our Take a Break program. Cottage by the Sea has had a long-lasting relationship with this school through both our Take a Break and REEF programs. This scholarship provided funds to help pay for travel expenses to attend the LEGO League Nationals in Tasmania late last year.

The kids had an amazing time. 44 teams competed in the competition and the children won 2nd place in the “core values” section. This section is all about how they conduct themselves and behave when competing and towards each other. They placed 12th out of 44 in the coding competition, which the team was super proud of.

Leanne was the lead teacher for the group on the trip and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for this scholarship opportunity: “Thank you so much for supporting the students with this competition – they truly valued the experience and were very grateful. I do believe it was a life-changer for them – something they will never forget. Without your support, this would not be possible for them. The children are learning so much more than we could have ever imagined and they feel supported and encouraged all the way.”

One of the kids from the trip shared these reflections about the experience: “This trip was an amazing opportunity. We all learned how to work as a team and got closer than we all used to be. We met people from all over Australia. Even though we didn’t get into the Internationals, we are very proud of ourselves and this year we’ll try harder. We would like to thank Cottage by the Sea for the support. Without the very generous donation, we would not have made it to the Nationals. From the “Bright Sparks” and all of Woodville, thank you Cottage!”

Some of the other children did a Q&A with each other about their experience. Here are their insights:

Q: “Do you think this was a good opportunity?”
A: “Yes, because I got to watch and learn from other coders.”

Q: “What did you learn?”
A: “Whatever happens, push through.”

Q: “Did you have fun?”
A: “Yes. I had lots of fun with my friends.”

Q: “What was the biggest problem?”
A: “Dropping the robot and forgetting the Masterpiece.”

Q: “Do you think this was a good opportunity?”
A: “Yes. Some of us got to travel interstate without our parents and we all got to do the competition for the first time.”

Q: “What did you learn?”
A: “I learned that if you struggle with something, you need to keep going.”

Q: “Did you have fun?”
A: “Yes. Not only did I learn more, I got to hang out with my friends.”