Some words from Caitlyn

News Updates

The week began with the older Mentors meeting the younger Mentors for the first time, but that was no issue at all as they began to communicate over lunch. The afternoon began with a guest speaker, CBTS Ambassador Warren Davies, talking to the kids about their, ‘Why?’ and teaching them how to create big goals for themselves. This was definitely a test for the students in years 8-12.

Splitting into groups the following day created a rush of excitement as they were told what the plans of the week were. The Mentors were ecstatic when the staff mention they were getting to participate in range of new activities including bubble soccer and water aerobics, not to mention a range of old activities as well.

Participating in bubble soccer was a big hit for the Mentors and staff, but when the staff gave the mentors the opportunity to organise their own activity within their groups, the Mentors were filled with ideas. From paddle boarding, to bike riding, the ideas were endless. The staff gave the Mentors the opportunity to lead their groups in getting ready for activities to help build their confidence.

Fun was had by all this week, but before leaving the Mentors expressed their gratitude to the leaders before packing their bags for the ride home.

As a Mentor myself, I would like say thank you to all staff at Cottage by the Sea and Mentors who continually attend camps, as it wouldn’t be the same without the support and encouragement we give each other.

By Caitlyn Harrington (Mentor)