Some Words from the Kids

Stories From Camp

All of last week, the Year 6s went to a special camp called Cottage by the Sea! They had a week full of great experiences including: exploring Queenscliff and all of the amazing things that makes it such an awesome place to visit.

Most of the activities the Year 6’s participated in were involved around the water, for example: We went surfing and found out that we have very good surfers. We also went paddle boarding, fishing and sailing at Ocean Grove. We even got the chance to go rock pooling at Point Lonsdale where we were able to see marine life in its natural habitat.

We went to the Marina in Queenscliff where we visited the 360Q Lighthouse and were lucky enough to see some stingrays. We also got to learn a little about fresh and salt sea animals and their ancient history at The Marine and Discovery Centre and other adventures as well. But our favourite adventure was Ten Pin Bowling!

To make camp even better, we had some fantastic leaders to share this experience with. Their names were Foxy, Natalie, Troy, Mel, Ebony and Steve-o. They are so nice and it was great to have them tag along for the ride.

I couldn’t possibly forget to mention one of the best parts of our time away and that was the food. We had so much yummy, delicious food like watermelon, chocolate brownies, chicken wraps and way more than you could possibly believe!

The Year 6s and Mr Shanks had a really great time at Cottage by the Sea camp and will hopefully get the opportunity to go back someday.

Words by Mahogany Rise Students,

Jacky and Hayley