Spud picking for the Reefies!

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Back in September 2023, our Reefies spent the morning planting and learning all-things green with one of our wonderful volunteers, Barb. One of the things they planted was potatoes. It just happened to be perfect timing that the Reefies’ first camp of the year was when the spuds were ready to be harvested!

Our 2nd-year Reefies come from rural South West Victoria, with a lot of them living on farms. They were split into two teams and went to work in seeing how many spuds they could pick in the time they were given by Camp Leaders. As with everything at Cottage, it is all about having fun and there were prizes up for grabs for the most spuds picked and for the biggest and the smallest spuds picked. The competitive banter was strong with the teams worked franticly to win prizes.

When it was time to count and see who picked the most spuds, it was a close call but a team was eventually crowned the winners. There were quite a few massive spuds picked, but the Camp Leaders were able to pick a winner. The same couldn’t be said for the smallest, as there were so many. Because everyone picked a tiny one, they all received a prize!

The next day our Reefies got to taste the spuds they harvested, with our Chef Kim cooking up baked spuds with coleslaw, cheese and sour cream. They were absolutely delicious and a meal they have requested Kim to cook for them again! The best thing about this activity is that it is something that future groups at Cottage will benefit from, as there are plenty more leftover spuds for Kim to cook, which is a great example of future giving.

Unfortunately, Barb was unable to attend the spud picking session due to health reasons, which was sad for the Reefies. But being the amazing young people they are, they made her a get well card and thanked her for the amazing work she does in the Cottage by the Sea garden.