Stairway to triumph!

Our Stories

Arriving in Sydney with 22 Mentors, we were set to discover the sights and sounds of the city. First, there was stairs to climb out of the airport, stairs to climb out of the underground train line and stairs to the apartment buildings. 

It was all in preparation for the final adventure of a 3 day discovery tour of Sydney. That adventure was the 134 metre high, heritage listed, steel arched way Sydney Harbour Bridge. With 1,002 steps to climb Sally and the rest of the Mentors were excited it was finally time to start there ascent, although there were a few nerves.

Sally was tired after a couple of long days exploring Bondi and Tamarama beach, Taronga Zoo, Paddy’s Markets, Chinatown and Darling Harbour. Would she be able to climb all the way to the top? She was definitely going to try!

All kitted out with the Bridge Climb onesie, cap, headphones, harness and rain jacket Sally began her walk along the base of the archways. Ducking below beams, climbing ladders and opening the heaviest doors ever, Sally gradually made her way towards the summit. Huffing and puffing it was lucky the group stopped to admire the views of the Opera House, Circular Quay and the Sydney Harbour. After catching her breath Sally continued on, one step at time, determined to make it to the top. 

Just below the summit, there was a staircase. Many stairs all close together and Sally suddenly had her doubts whether she had the energy to make it to the top. A break to settle the nerves, calm the shaking limbs and allow the adrenaline levels to moderate, enabled Sally to change her mindset to one of resilience and positivity. With the encouragement of the Mentors, sponsors and Camp Leaders Sally climbed every one of those steps, all the way to the SUMMIT!!!

Reaching her goal Sally grinned with relief and celebration. She knew she had overcome a massive hurdle and that even when it felt unbearable and impossible to achieve she was able to SUCCEED!!!