Stormy morning

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What a way to wake up, flashing lightning and loud thunder woke the cottage on Thursday morning of camp. We knew there were storms forecasted for the day but were not expecting them to be so loud and ferocious. The first hour of the day we spent playing some indoor games and waited for the front to pass, checking weather updates every few minutes to time our rockpool ramble activity perfectly.

We jumped on the bus and packed our rain jackets in case of rain, but they weren’t needed. Barwon Heads just missed the storm and we watched as the dark and scary clouds rolled over Ocean Grove. We had an amazing view from the bluff and cheered as we saw lighting flash in the distance, followed by loud cracking thunder.

Our rockpool ramble went as planned and it was a perfect low tide, we spotted the usual creatures: crabs, sea stars and sea snails. We were lucky enough to spot the illusive elephant snail and chiton out the very back of the rockpools. The morning turned out to be a very exciting morning for all and we snapped up some amazing photos of the storm.