Sun, sun and more sun on Take a Break!

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What more can you ask for during a winter’s camp, but sun? Children from a primary school in Geelong scored the best two days of winter – 19 and 20 degrees with a light northerly wind, perfect for two afternoons of boogie-boarding. The water temperature is still a little chilly, but when the sun is beaming you don’t notice the cold water.

The young camper pictured in this story was a little nervous when it came to the beach. At first, she was not sure about boogie-boarding and was going down to the beach to just swim. But once she saw how much fun (and how easy) boogie-boarding looked, she went for it! She grabbed a board and dove onto her first wave, flying past all of her friends with the biggest grin on her face. This went on for the next hour – she didn’t want to stop or share her board with anyone – and she kept riding the big waves all afternoon.

When it was time to finish up for the evening, she slowly exited the water and made sure she caught that one last wave after everyone else so that she could claim she caught the final wave of camp.