A dear friend told me about Cottage by the Sea. I think it is so necessary that children and teenagers are given the opportunity to explore different activities and experiences in a safe environment. We must all share the responsibility for providing this “safe space”.

I like the fact that the Cottage is inclusive and open to all cultures e.g. every year groups of Indigenous children from the Northern Territory attend. Many have never seen the sea before.

I know the Cottage will be around for many years, yet it needs the funding to make this possible. I like the concept of the Cottage Foundation where money is invested and the interest is used to support current activities. This model means that the money is used wisely. There will always be equipment needing to be replaced, programs needing to be run and staff needing to be paid. Therefore, the future of the Cottage will be made easier with necessary funds in place.

Many people do not have a Will, but a few years ago I nearly died in a motor car accident and incurred very serious injuries. This experience made me come face-to-face with my death and I am now always conscious that we may not be here with any tick of the clock. Life is a precious gift and Cottage by the Sea provides a gift to children and teenagers. In turn we can provide a gift for the future of the Cottage.

Although I do not come from a disadvantaged background, I know how it feels to be traumatised. The children attending Cottage by the Sea need our love and support. They need a safe environment that allows them to explore their capabilities, learn new skills, develop confidence and be free. We must ensure the financial future of the Cottage and I would say to anyone considering a bequest to “just do it”. You do not have to give your entire estate, every small amount counts. I am bequeathing what I can and I really encourage you to consider the same.