Surfing on Take a Break

Our Stories

It was a beautiful Wednesday in the middle of October. The sun was shining, the winds were perfect and the kids were ready to learn a new skill: surfing.

Ocean Grove was looking perfect for a surf, so we loaded up the bus with 17 kids from a primary school in Shepparton – wetsuits and surfboards ready to be used.

All but two of the children had never surfed before. The kids were super nervous but extremely excited to learn. We suited up, grabbed a board and headed down to the water.

The conditions were unreal with 1-foot waves – perfect for learning. A few kids were extremely nervous but after a bit of encouragement, they ran straight into the water and had a great time.

Everyone in the group, including the two visiting teachers, was able to stand on a wave with the help from our Camp Leaders.

At the end of the session, we all shared our memorable moment from the morning and each participant shared a thanks to the team with a high-five and a big smile.

What a great experience for these countryside kids!