Surfs up!

Our Stories

It was day 3 of camp and we had been swimming and body boarding the day before, I did not think camp could get any better and that’s when the Cottage staff told us that today we were going surfing! I was so excited but also nervous because I had never been surfing before.

The Cottage staff got us sized up for wetsuits, we collected our towels and bathers and then jumped on the bus for a short bus ride to a place called Ocean Grove.

When we arrived at the beach, the waves were so cool and great size for learning surfers! We unloaded the surfboards off the trailer, put our wetsuits on and headed down to the sand. The Cottage staff were amazing at making us feel comfortable and making sure to answer any questions we had. We did a safety brief and then a surfing lesson were we learnt all about the surfboards and the best way to stand up when on the wave!

We headed out into the waves, the water was cold but we barely noticed because of our excitement for surfing. Everyone did so well and every single camper stood up at least once! I could not believe how quickly we were learning and standing up, it was so much fun! We all had some good stacks and falls, it was so funny! Watching everyone give surfing a good go motivated me to keep trying and keep doing my best to stand up!

It took a few waves but I finally managed to jump up onto my feet and surf a wave all the way into shore! After a few hours out in the surf, it was time to head back to the Cottage for lunch. We had such an amazing time and I cannot wait to surf again next time!