Take a Break from the children’s perspective

Our Stories

The below story was written by Abbie, Muhamed, Zahra, Chloe, Attila and Harmony who attended a recent Take a Break program at Cottage by the Sea.

Cottage by the Sea was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for this year’s Grade 5/6s. It was a delightful and enjoyable experience.

Boogie-boarding was a favourite activity for the majority of the group. Catching a wave and gliding to the shore was an exhilarating feeling. A close second was rock-pooling. This involved searching for sea creatures under rocks. We had to be careful of crab pincers. Strolling along the beach after rock-pooling, many of us found sea glass among the sand. This was like finding treasure. Teamwork was the focus of the low-ropes course. There were challenging obstacles in this activity, but the end results were so rewarding.

Did you know that there are two lighthouses in Queenscliff? One is black. This is only one out of three black lighthouses in the whole world and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere. The white lighthouse is magical. If you run around it 3–5 times and then touch a brick in the wall, you can make a wish that will come true … But, you can’t tell anyone your wish.

The original Cottage was established in 1890. Today it looks modern after its latest revamp in 2019. The beds were so comfortable. It felt like we were sleeping on clouds. OMG the playground was amazing. It kept us entertained for hours. Our favourite was the round swing.

The staff at Cottage were so welcoming and helpful. Charlie and Will were 2 of our favourites. They were funny – often making us laugh. The food was exceptional. The fish and chips dinner was our absolute favourite. Having dessert every night was a big treat too.

We would highly recommend going to Cottage by the Sea. It’s the absolute best – it’s the BOMB!! Don’t miss an opportunity like this if it’s ever offered to you!!