Take a Break participants get creative with dye dodgeball

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For visiting children from Cape Clear Primary School, a highlight of the Take a Break program was playing Cottage by the Sea’s dye dodgeball. In this game, the group splits into two teams on opposite ends of the basketball court and try to eliminate each other by throwing wet dye-filled sponges at each other.

As the participants are playing the game, quite often a Cottage Camp Leader will take the difficulty up a notch by spraying the children with a hose as they run around trying to eliminate each other.

This week, Camp Leader Shelby had the hose and she sprayed everyone! The participants weren’t happy with Shelby’s antics and decided to combine the teams together and get revenge on her.

They gathered all the sponges and ran at her, pelting sponges into her left, right and centre. The onslaught of sponges became too much for her and she couldn’t defend herself with the hose. She dropped it and ran!

One of the participants saw this as a golden opportunity and picked up the hose to get more revenge on Shelby. It was all fun and games and everyone had a laugh at the end.