Team Work

Our Stories

This week we had a school group from Corio for a 3day camp, who were eager to get onto the Low Ropes Course.

Excitement was high as we finally made it onto the Low Ropes course for their last activity of camp. We were saving the best for last.

All the children listened carefully to the camp leaders instructions before breaking into groups to tackle the course.

Making their way out onto the course, the children encouraged and supported each other as they navigated the tricky obstacles.

Watching the children working together so well during the last morning of camp was a highlight.

Over and along the logs, under the big buoy’s, and across the wobbly bridges. There was squeals of laughter as the campers tried not to fall off. Grateful for their surfing ninja team-mate’s holding them up.

Right at the very end, the children had time to tackle their favourite obstacles, while they waited for the last groups to finish.

Keen for one last play on the cottage playground, the children ran down to play basketball, dig for treasure and swing on the giant swing, before boarding the bus and heading back to school.