The Adventures of Bentley (The Therapy Dog)

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This week we welcomed a different camper, one with some extra fur. Bentley the therapy dog attended camp all week with the Yuille Park children. We drove into the school to see a wagging tail waiting. Bentley had his own harness and seat belt for the bus ride to camp!

Once arriving to camp, Bentley joined in on all of the activities for the week. Bentley absolutely loved the beach play on the first afternoon. Chasing the waves and running around in the sand.

The next morning he again joined us down at the Cottage beach where the children were all in the water swimming. He was swimming out and joining in with the splashing and fun. He spent some time helping the children that didn’t want to swim to dig some holes in the sand. He was having a blast!

The next big adventure was along the marina and up the 360Q tower. Bentley had a nice stroll along the marina watching for stingrays but unfortunately was not aloud up the 360Q tower to see the view of Queenscliff. He stayed down the bottom and enjoyed a coffee with teaching staff from Yuille Park.

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