The biggest and best sandcastle!

Our Stories

From the moment the children hopped on the bus to Cottage by the Sea for the Take a Break program, there was lots of talk about who was going to build the biggest and best sandcastle – we could hear how competitive it was getting. Therefore, we knew that the first activity of camp had to start with a sandcastle competition.

The beach of choice was Point Lonsdale. Under the lighthouse, the children were set the task to split into pairs and start building the biggest and most decorated castles, being creative as possible, using anything they could find on the beach. Two groups of boys decided to go head-to-head with the widest castles, building great walls around their area. A couple of the girls decided they would go for the more decorative approach and gathered pieces of seaweed, feathers, rocks and shells to “bedazzle” their castles.

After our time was up, each team walked around and looked over their opponents’ castles and listened to each other while the team talked us through their designs.

In the end, we couldn’t decide a final winner and everyone was awarded with first place and a prized high-five from all Cottage staff members.