The Melbourne Cup visits Cottage by the Sea!

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It was an exciting day down in Queenscliff as the famous Cup that “stops the nation” visited Queenscliff with a brief stop at Cottage by the Sea. The children on program this week are from two countryside central Victorian towns, so they know a thing or two about horses and the famous Cup.

To our surprise, there were two past Melbourne Cup winners on the front lawn at Cottage, chewing up the grass and enjoying some carrot snacks hand fed from the children while we posed for some photos.

Of course, the main excitement was to hold the famous Melbourne Cup. The children all received their special white Cottage by the Sea embroidered gloves so no finger prints were left behind and the Cup was always within arm’s reach of the Cup’s security guards, which made the children laugh as they joked about stealing the Cup.

One of the participants, a horse owner herself, made sure she had plenty of white gloves to take home to show her parents. Each participant also received a miniature replica cup pin to remember the moment they held the famous Melbourne Cup.