The Most Fun ‘Yuille’ Ever Have!

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Last week an array of students from, Yuille Park Community College in regional Victoria, stay by the seaside for a change and spent their time on camp participating in all the adventurous activities that Cottage by the Sea has to offer.

In the few days that they visited, these kids did it all! From exploring around the natural rock-pools and marine parks to playing initiative games and working as a team at the Cottage. They even enjoyed a peaceful walk around the Queenscliff Marina and learnt all about the different types of vessels that are in the ocean, including that of pilot boats, cargo ships and the famous Searoad Ferries.

As only a few of these children had visited a beach before, our staff ensured to make their time by the coast extra special and memorable. The week was filled with good weather and water-based activities galore! Whether we spent the day swimming, boogie-boarding, catching waves on paddle-boards or cooling off with a game of ‘dye-dodge ball’, the children were always smiling and truly made the most of their time away from home and school.

Spending some down-time and running a muck on the new Cottage playground was also amongst the many things to do and the students (and their teachers) always seemed to love hearing the lunch or dinner bell ring!