The not-so-friendly pelican on Take a Break

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Visiting the Queenscliff Marina is a staple activity every week on our Take a Break program. With so much to do and see along the marina, the children always enjoy exploring it and the staff in the Programs Team have a different experience each time they visit.

Our main goal is to find the illusive giant stingrays that call the marina home. The children walked along the marina wall, peering into the water to see the rays. Today, unfortunately, the water was far too murky to see any creatures underwater, but this didn’t mean we couldn’t find some local animals that live above the water!

As all the children were laying down along the pontoon’s edge, looking for stingrays and little shrimp, we noticed a feathery friend heading for the children to see what all the fuss was about.

A huge pelican was keeping a close eye on the children, as we think the pelican may have thought the children were going to feed it some fish scraps because the local fishing charters often throw their scraps to the pelicans.

Once the pelican realised that the children didn’t have any food, its body language changed – what we thought was a friendly pelican became not-so friendly.

It sat on the pontoon’s edge with its mouth wide open and snapped towards the children as they walked past. We all thought this was a funny sight – seeing the huge beak of the pelican snapping around. Next time we see this nasty pelican, we hope that the fishermen have fed it so it’s not snappy at us!