The REEFies explore Adventure Park!

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The cloudy sky and the cool wind could not dampen the REEFies’ enthusiasm for the water slides at Adventure Park. The REEFies suited up in their wetsuits and rashies and split into groups to conquer all the different rides.

“That’s the scariest ride I have ever been on – it was so much fun! Let’s do it again!” said one REEFie. The Tornado, Tsunami and Wave Racer were the big-ticket rides, with the Pirate Park providing a fun and interactive adventure for the REEFies.

“Can we go and chill in the lazy river?” the REEFies would ask, yet it was anything but lazy with the REEFies wanting to tip over the donuts that the Camp Leaders were floating in!

After an action-packed morning, it was time to change into some warm clothes and hit the dry rides. The roller-coaster was a big hit. “We’ve been on the roller-coaster nine times in a row!” said one REEFie. It was a massive day of fun for everyone. It was fair to say that the REEFies slept well that night!