The REEFies go to BOUNCE!

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It was hard to believe that it was time again for our first-year REEFies to attend their second camp at Cottage. It is also a camp where we push their comfort zones a little further while having some fun.

One of the big activities is going to BOUNCE in Geelong. The REEFies were super excited to be heading there and got straight into it after getting a safety briefing. It was all about front flips off the diving ledge and testing their speed and skills on the ninja warrior course. One activity that got the REEFies fired up was dodgeball. It was the REEFies versus the Camp Leaders. The winner? Depends on who you talk to!

After some time on the trampoline, it was time to tackle the climbing walls. The REEFies did an amazing job in scaling all the different walls and giving each other lots of encouragement and support. It was an amazing morning that was talked about for the remainder of camp. So much fun!