The start of a wonderful journey on our REEF program

Our Stories

It is always a day full of excitement with everyone buzzing in anticipation of meeting our first-year REEF participants (Reefies). For camp one, we welcomed 26 wonderful Grade 6 students from the Colac area to start their long and adventurous journey with Cottage from Grade 6 to Year 12.

The first camp is all about establishing new friendships and getting the group to work together to overcome challenges and complete any task that they are given. The Reefies really enjoyed the ‘getting to know you’ games and learning new things about each other.

For some REEF participants, it was not their first time at Cottage as they had been a part of the Take a Break (TaB) program. These students played a great role in supporting other students who were feeling the first camp nerves.

The Reefies enjoyed exploring the local area and in particular going for their first swim down at Cottage beach! They are all excited to eventually go surfing and snorkelling. It seems we have a group of water lovers!

It was a great three days of camp that was enjoyed by all the Reefies. They are all so excited to come back for the next camp. The Camp Leaders were very impressed with the way the group mixed well together and are really looking forward to seeing how the group progresses through the program. Exciting times!