Two for the Price of One

Our Stories

It’s not often we will have two Take a Break camps in a week, but two one after another from the same school is definitely something to get excited about!

We have been working with Yuille Park Community College for a long time now and love being able to assist those from the school. This camp was working with the kids in grades 3,4 and 5 and and they kept us very busy for the entire week!

The week started off with group one and some classic Cottage activities such as visiting the Queenscliff Marina, squidding of the pier and learning about the Pilot Boats. Though where the week got REALLY exciting (and the group one was very lucky) was having 15 of the Geelong Cat’s players visit for the afternoon.

The kids got to meet their idols, play a few games and get their autographs. It was a memorable occasion and the smiles on the kids faces showed how much it meant to them.

When Wednesday came around we said goodbye to the kids and rushed to reset the Cottage before group 2 walked on through the gates for another three days of fun, laughter and happiness.

By the end of the week all of the camp leaders were tired, but to have the opportunity to make a difference to almost 50 kids in one week made it all worth it!