Water REEFies

Stories From Camp

The sun was out, the sky blue, only a whisper of wind and all you could hear were the REEFies* thrilling.

After nearly a year long wait between camps, it was time to get our second year REEFies back in the water. Our water REEFies hit the waves for surfing, spilling, chilling and riding to their hearts content.

The thrill of being back in the water continued as they paddled, wobbled and glided through the water on the SUPs. The water REEFies continued with exploring and discovering the ocean environment through rock pooling and snorkelling.

An evening walk along the beach to watch the sunset reflected on the water was a calming and awe inspiring moment for our water REEFies. They were finally back in the loving arms of Cottage by the Sea.

*REEF – Recreation, Education, Environment, Friendship. Our REEF program follows children through the transition from Primary to Secondary School. Find out more …