Waving goodbye to June

Our Stories

Cottage by the Sea staff and 25 children from Newcomb Park Primary School celebrated the last week of June together with a big splash! As we head deeper into the winter time, with shorter days and longer nights, our Cottage camps are slowly getting colder and the winter swell is slowly getting bigger!

From watching 4-6 foot waves crash upon the Point Lonsdale pier, to jumping into the big foam monsters down at the Cottage beach in our wetsuits, it truly was an epic event held by mother nature.

When the tide was low and the waves were hiding, we set search for some sea critters amongst the Barwon Heads Bluff Marine Sanctuary, followed by a play and some snacks at the Pirate Park!

We embraced the chilly air, walking down to the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre one afternoon, where the grade 3 and 4 students had the opportunity to hold and pat the creatures in the touch tank. Afterwards, the kids all impressed us when they shared an interesting fact that they had learnt about these marine animals and the oceans, bays, rivers, lakes and dams within Victoria.

A walk around the local Queenscliff Marina had the children learning all about Pilot Boats, Ferries, Swan Bay Island and the high-security Army Base and although the water temperature has dropped rather low, the kids were still just as eager to pop their hands into the water and give their best attempt at catching some shrimp before the cold became too much for them to handle.

Luckily enough, despite the winter chills, we could always come back to the Cottage to warm up in our knitted beanies, booties and scarves and enjoy a hot milo and a movie indoors!

Cottage by the Sea has loved having the local children from Newcomb Park Primary School come to stay and play with us and we would like to thank the three teachers that also popped in for a visit too!