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Our Stories

What an entrance! Merrijig had to our new building, as they arrived by bus we had camera crews set up and ready to go filming that WOW factor to our new building. The camera man had the children driving in on the bus and unpacking the trailer with their luggage for the week. The money shot was the ear to ear smiles on all of their faces when they saw the indoor slide! So much excitement for both the children and staff here at cottage.

Of course the very first thing we did was line up at the slide and allowed every camper to experience how awesome the slide is. Young boy Darby will always be remembered as the first child to go down our Cottage slide.

The next video was of our group walking out the back door and down the new stairs toward the back gate and out onto the beach where the excitement levels were at a high. The children ran down the beach stairs and out toward the beach where we allowed them to have a quick play and sand castle comp whilst our special filming guest finished up with his video.