Welcome Back Woodville

Our Stories

Finally, some hot weather arrived at our doorstep this week and we were lucky enough to share it with 32 children from Woodville Primary School! For the past few years Cottage by the Sea has had a strong partnership with Woodville Primary, offering our Take-A-Break camps to their students every year and even having selected some of our REEF and Mentor participants from the school back in 2014.

The grade five students who camped with us this week had already heard so much about us before they arrived that we knew they’d be more than willing to dive right into the water activities! So it wasn’t long after we had gobbled down some chicken burgers and an entire platter of fruit before we squeezed into our wetsuits and wandered down to the back beach to enjoy a refreshing swim in the ocean. Later that night we celebrated one of the girls 11th birthdays with some cake and lollies and of course a disco in the art room, it was a blast!

The next day the students had us all up at the crack of dawn, so it was an early breakfast followed by some free time whilst we patiently waited for all the other Cottage Camp Leaders to arrive before starting our activities. Another group swim in the morning revitalized our energy and in the afternoon we enjoyed exploring amongst the rock-pools and playing at the Pirate Park before the evening storm rolled in.

On Friday morning we were all up early once again so that we could pack our bags and give the Cottage a quick tidy. As a reward, everyone was treated to a big feast of pancakes! However, the rewards didn’t stop there as we were also invited down to the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre to join in on the animals feeding times before boarding the buses and beating the heavy, expected rains home. 

Thanks to all the Woodville Primary School students and their wonderful teachers and principal who came to stay with us, we are looking forward to an even bigger and better camp with you all next year!