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“What was your favourite thing on camp so far?” the Cottage by the Sea camp leader asked a group of eager campers from Warrnambool.

“The surfing,” says one camper. “The fishing,” says another.

“No!  The swimming and surfing.”

Then a few people add: “definitely the surfing and the fishing.”

With so many fun filled activities, it’s hard to decide.

For camper Oskar the fishing charter was his favourite thing on camp. Oskar was a little nervous heading out on the fishing boat, as last time he was on a boat he was sea sick. Camp leaders reassured him that it was a perfect morning for fishing with barely any wind. So, it should be nice and calm. The boat left the harbour as Oskar eagerly watched John from the Gone Fishing Charter set up all the fishing rods ready for our first stop. Oskar dropped his line in and within minutes had caught his first flat head. Then another and another.

“I’ve caught 6 fish already! I’m not even thinking about being sick anymore.”

Oskar caught the biggest fish of the day. The smile on his face was priceless.

For camper Jenny, the surfing was her favourite activity on camp.

She eagerly listened to camp leader Steve’s instructions on how to paddle and the best way to stand up without falling off. Instructions done, Jenny carried her board into the water, and paddled for her first wave.

“I almost had it,” she said as she missed the first one.

Then as the second wave came, camp leader Louise gave her a big push and she cheered as she caught her first wave in, making it to her knees. Coming back out with a huge smile on her face, she said “this is hard but so much fun.”

Jenny just kept trying, wave after wave and each time she managed to improve. Back on land, Jenny asked: “how much do you think a surf board like this cost? Maybe if I save my money I could buy one?” “Absolutely you could” said the camp leaders.

Someone’s caught the surfing bug!

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