Why donate to a charity?

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Ever thought you would like to donate to a charity? You are wondering which is the best charity to donate to.

  • Why am I donating to charity?
  • Who benefits
  • What’s in it for me?

And …

  • How do I donate to a charity?

Let’s start with ‘Why?’

Many people choose a charity they can relate to. Perhaps they, or someone they are close to has experienced suffering or benefits that relate to a particular charity’s cause. Or they may feel that the beneficiary of the charity is important. Often this is why people choose to donate to a children’s charity.

Most of us believe in the importance if children and how essential a happy childhood is to developing well balanced, contributing members of society.  This value we place on children in general motivates many to donate to a children’s charity. Our own experience of suffering, whether ourselves or others, only strengthens a connection to this cause.

Where we live can also guide which charity we choose.  Some donors are drawn to support an Australian children’s charity, or even closer to home a charity in Victoria. While others have a connection with global locations they have lived or visited.

Who benefits from the charity I choose?

This is a crucial question. We want to know that the money we donate to a charity goes to benefit those we care about. Many charitable organisations use some of your donation to fund their day-to-day operations. This makes sense to ensure the organization functions as well as possible. Volunteers are wonderful people, but they are volunteers and generally have other aspects of their lives to live.

When you donate to Cottage by the Sea, you can be assured that all your funds go directly to fund our children’s programs.

In 2012, the Board of Cottage by the Sea made a strategic decision to establish a Foundation following the receipt of several significant bequests. These generous gifts were carefully invested to protect and provide for the future security of the Cottage. The annual interest earned (or part thereof) on the investment provides the financial security for the Cottage to fund our operations. This means your donation goes absolutely toward making a positive difference to the lives of children.

So … “If I donate to a charity, what’s in it for me?”

First there is the emotional, feel-good benefit of having made a positive contribution to your community. When you donate to Cottage by the Sea, you can see the benefit your donation makes through the stories on our social media, website posts and regular newsletters.

Make friends with the Cottage by signing up as a regular giver and receive monthly emails from our CEO, keeping you informed of day-to-day life at the Cottage as well as invitations to events and opportunities to visit.

As well as the warm glow you get from knowing you are helping transform children’s lives, there are real financial benefits in the form of tax deductions.

When you donating to a charity, you to lower your taxable income.  When you donate $2 or more is donated to an eligible charity it is tax deductible. Your eligible donations are subtracted from your taxable income and this decreases the portion of your income that can be taxed in a given financial year. For more information, visit the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website.

Everyone benefits when you donate to a charity. Start your donation story today.