Will we get to go swimming today?

Our Stories

One of the first things Tiffany asked when she arrived at Cottage was: “Will we get to go swimming today”?  On the second day of camp, Tiffany’s wish came true and she was so excited to hear we would be swimming at the Cottage beach.  Having never worn a wetsuit before, Tiffany eagerly listened to the instructions of how to get a wetsuit on, and with the help of the Camp leaders was ready to go!

After a quick safety talk, the kids headed outside to the basketball court for an exciting game of dye dodgeball.  This Cottage favourite game of throwing wet sponges back and forth. Nothing beats throwing a dye soaked sponge at camp leader Steve-o.

Tiffany could not believe how close the Cottage beach was. Just minutes after the game of dye dodge-ball she could feel the sand between her toes. The children entered the water in the Cottage traditional way, a crab crawl!

They played a game of keepings off, with camp leaders versing the children. Some children played on the beach and built wonderful sandcastles. It was then time to pack up all our things, head back to cottage, wash our wetsuits and join the other group in the dining room for lunch.

While Tiffany’s group enjoyed the delights of Cottage beach, the other group of campers headed to Barwon Heads for some rock pooling. They competed to see who could find the biggest crab, also finding sea stars and tiny shrimp. They then walked up and around the Bluff, taking in view back to Point Lonsdale, and posing for some great group pics before jumping on the bus and heading to the Pirate Park for some morning tea and free time. 

Without doubt, the new experiences of jumping in the waves, body surfing, building sand castles and rolling in the sand were definite highlights of Tiffany’s Cottage experience.