Winter is Coming at the Cottage

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The sun is setting sooner. The mornings becoming frosty. It’s safe to say that Autumn is in full swing and the feeling of winter is fast-approaching!

Many businesses (and people) slow down in the colder months, just trying to make it through to the first sight of Spring. This isn’t the case for Cottage by the Sea, however. During this time, our camps continue to run. Yes, getting the kids in the surf may be slightly more difficult, but the thrill is the same once they dive into the awesome activities (that’s what wetsuits are for, right?).

We don’t hit the pause button in winter. Our mission doesn’t stop, and many children rely on us to provide inspiration, fun, and opportunity. Internally, our dedication and motivation remain high during autumn and winter. From camp leaders, kitchen staff, committee members and volunteers, the show goes on at the Cottage.

Historically, the colder months have proven a challenge to keep fundraising and support consistent. In Australia, unfortunately, this isn’t the season of giving, and our need for community support increases during this time.

Our preparations for winter begin now – in Autumn. Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to have many people band together to provide support that goes beyond financial aid. There are the usual knitting groups that provides invaluable warmth to our campers. The volunteers who work tirelessly, giving up their own time for the benefit of the Cottage and those who pass through.

We are always welcoming alternative avenues of assistance from the community. While financial support helps secure the future of Cottage by the Sea, there are other ways you can help out.

For example, we’ve made a Wishlist of items that are required at the Cottage to facilitate our camps and activities during the chilly months. As you can see, most are everyday items that we may take for granted but are much-needed at the Cottage. By donating these, you are allowing us to spend our funds elsewhere to further support disadvantaged children.

We suggest getting others involved, too. Fundraising and donating items is much more satisfying and fun in a group environment – at work, with your gym group, mother’s club, sporting club, or your family and friends.

These items that are easily accessible to you, mean so much to us and the 1,500 kids that come through one of our programs each year. While donating some clothing and food won’t change your day to day life, it has the power to put smiles on young faces, which goes beyond anything that money can buy.