Woo Hoo!

Our Stories

We welcomed 16 students and two staff from a small school on the east coast of Victoria. Students spoke of the love for their nearby coastal regions in East Gippsland, yet were mesmerised at the stunning coastline surrounding Cottage by the Sea.

While grey clouds lurked above, the students braved the wintery conditions and enjoyed swimming at the beach. They realised the more they jumped on, over and under the waves the more fun it was (as well as it taking their mind of the chilly water).

The water activities continued with a visit out to Port Phillip Bay on the Sea All Dolphin Swims charter. This was a surprise for the students and it was well received with them describing the experience as “gnarly as, dude.”

The number of Australian Fur Seals at Chinaman’s Hat was exciting for the kids, and a group of the seals entered the water leaving their flippers in the air giving a wave to the students as we drove past. This was followed by duck spas and venturing out onto the boom net where students were then wet head to toe from the boat’s spray. A final chance to enter the water, was the option to jump off the roof of the boat – this was received with much encouragement and many woo-hoos!