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Thanks to the generous support of APCO, Cottage by the Sea took a group of our younger Mentors camping this September scholl holidays.

On Tuesday morning Ebony, Sean, Pete and Damien took one group yabbying. We had to throw the nets into the water and then pull them out really fast so we didn’t lose any yabbies out of the net.  At the start I wasn’t really keen on picking up the yabbies but with help from Damien I was able to start pulling them out of the net and putting them in the bucket.

Along the journey we found a stray cow on the other side of the fence that had we to work together to herd back into the paddock.

After we had a bucket full of yabbies, we had a yabby race, the first yabby off the concrete block won. Ebony’s yabby won over and over again yet poor Sean’s yabby was getting chased by the bigger scarier yabbies it ended up losing a claw in the fight.

That night we walked to bush camp and had pizzas. We put our own toppings on the pizza, which turned out to be the same as my new friend Milly.

I also had lots of fun just kicking the footy with Tom, Lucas, Barry, Ebony and Louise. The girls definitely won!!

It was good fun just catching up with people that I don’t get to see much and talk to them about what they have been up to.

Thank you Cottage and Pete, Damien and Mary-Anne for letting us come to Moulamein.

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