Generations of children have stayed at Cottage by the Sea, listen to their stories, in their own words

“When I think about Cottage I have a warm feeling.  Something I don’t have with any other part of my childhood”

“The memories were all great memories and stayed with me for a lifetime”

Teachers and students from a small rural school in western Victoria talk about their experience at Cottage by the Sea.

Cottage by the Sea alumnus talks about her time at Cottage by the Sea, and how it helped her become the person she is today.

Olympic athlete Morgan Mitchell stayed at Cottage by the Sea as a child. She recently spoke to some of our Mentors about overcoming and achieving.

“I’ve been coming to Cottage by the Sea for seven years now …”

“… now I’m a Mentor”

Listen to our Mentors speak about their experiences at Cottage by the Sea.

“Very thankful the place existed … when we got home, great memories.”

“Probably the first time I really felt integrated somewhere, like I really belonged.”

Celebrity Surf Day 2011 – children talk about fun times at Cottage by the Sea.

Everything we do at Cottage
by the Sea reflects our values: