Recreation, Education, Environment, Friendship – our REEF program follows children through the transition from Primary to Secondary School.

The REEF program is an experiential learning program beginning in grade six. The two-year program follows a group of participants through their final year of primary school and their first year of secondary school. The young people attend programs based at Cottage by the Sea or offsite in a range of outdoor environments. While participating in outdoor adventure and group activities, participants are encouraged to have fun while taking calculated risks. Program activities are designed to help young people develop skills that will open up opportunities now and in the future.

Over the 2 years, participants attend 10 programs that vary in length between 3-5days.

Cottage by the Sea approach schools within an identified area who then recommend participants who will benefit from the Cottage by the Sea REEF program.


  • To have confidence to try new things and learn from experience
  • To develop problem solving skills and ways to resolve conflict
  • To learn how to be a good friend and show consideration for others
  • To be able to identify support people
  • To develop self-awareness
  • To stay connected with school, home and community
  • To demonstrate self-motivation and initiative


  • Improved attitude and behaviour
  • Improved levels of self confidence
  • Increased social and interpersonal skills
  • Increased self-reliance and motivation
  • Stronger collaborative approach to goal setting
  • Enhanced personal growth and leadership skills
  • Greater involvement at school, home and the community

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