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Stairway to triumph!

Arriving in Sydney with 22 Mentors, we were set to discover the sights and sounds of the city. First, there was stairs to climb out of the airport, stairs to climb out of the underground train line and stairs to the apartment buildings.  It was all in preparation for the final adventure of a 3 […]

Stories From Camp

Reef swim with a special find!

Each week the children gear up into wetsuits for a swim at our favourite beach, right out the back gate of Cottage. If we’re lucky we time the swim right on the low tide. When its low tide at our beach the small reef becomes exposed. The reef is a beautiful sight and we invite […]


2021 Winter Newsletter

Through most of the year, we take groups of children on fishing charters. The children rise early, before dawn and head down to Queenscliff Harbour in the Cottage bus. The generously donated hand knitted scarves, beanies and gloves areparticularly welcome in the cool mornings.

Stories From Camp

Fun in any weather

After a warm and sunshine filled weekend, Monday morning held only a few hours of sunshine left before Winter was going to roll straight off the beach and into Cottage. So we made the most of it and had a large game of dye dodge ball before heading for a swim with some fun swell […]

Stories From Camp

Overcoming fear

Attending school Principal Sue had given our camp team a briefing at the start of the camp on all of the children. In particular, she pointed out the youngest of the group “Deccy”. “Deccy struggles to focus on tasks and tends to break down in tears when he is out of his comfort zone”. Snorkelling […]

Stories From Camp

First time in the sea

Newest camp team member Will had a beach-filled day on the middle day of this week’s camp. Will spent both the morning and afternoon with two different groups splashing around and swimming at our favourite beach. Will loves the ocean, he is always the first one in and last one out of the water and […]

Stories From Camp

Revenge of the teachers!

Dye dodge ball – one of our Cottage favourite games. We fill up buckets full of water and coloured dye and then soak sponges to throw at each other. This week the teachers, who had accompanied the children on camp, was super keen and excited to play this game. We think they may have wanted […]

Stories From Camp

Birthday Cheer!

Here at Cottage by the Sea we love celebrating birthdays on camp. We make the day as special as we can for the child who is away from home for their birthday. This week we had a young boy Prayas who celebrated his 10th birthday on the first day of camp. Marc whipped up one […]

Stories From Camp

Riding High

This post was written by one of our Mentor participants. When we first arrived, we were all paired with a horse with a wide range of names. Each horse with their own personality that matched closely with that of their rider. We started our 4-hour horse ride to the campsite which involved many steep uphills […]

Stories From Camp

Squid-ing Around

It was definitely worth the drive all the way from the Victorian High Country to be a part of the REEF Program for this young participant.

Stories From Camp

Following the Great Ocean Road Trail

Winding roads, picturesque ocean views and iconic landmarks graced our Mentors as they explored the Great Ocean Road for a day journey. Maddie was overawed at the beautiful clear blue water and rocky cliff faces on the bus ride from Cottage to Aireys Inlet. The road took a turn inland along the river and amongst […]

Stories From Camp

Developing young leaders

Camp Leaders Chook and Sean had set the REEFies a task of navigating their own way around the hiking trail, using the map and their leadership skills. With no technology, no phones, no watches and no access to the time, REEFies were in control of rest stops, lunch and water breaks. Sally was fast to […]

Stories From Camp

A stinging good time!

The Weather was fantastic! The sun was booming and we were heading down to the Queenscliff Marina for the morning. We got our walking shoes and hats on, ate some fruit cups and were ready to go! As soon as we got off the cottage bus we saw the big 360Q tower and were amazed […]

Stories From Camp

Boogey Boarders Dream

Sunny, 28 degrees and not a single breathe of wind. What a perfect day at the beach boogey boarding. We had both groups scheduled in for a boogey board session. The morning group lucked out on the best part of the day with nice clean waves rolling through all morning. It was hard to keep […]

Stories From Camp

The full Cottage by the SEA experience

WOW what a week! The children at Bruthen Primary School had the full seaside experience. Being from a small country town, the children don’t often get to the beach so we decided to jam pack the week in with water activities. Right from the first morning the girls were off on the Gone Fishing charter […]

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On Tuesday 2 March 2021, Cottage by the Sea is having a Giving Day to HELP US HELP MORE KIDS. On this day, each donation will be doubled. Every donation will be matched, dollar for dollar, by our generous supporters including @apco_foundation and other anonymous donors. On this day, we will increase your impact. $25 […]

Stories From Camp

Water REEFies

The sun was out, the sky blue, only a whisper of wind and all you could hear were the REEFies* thrilling. After nearly a year long wait between camps, it was time to get our second year REEFies back in the water. Our water REEFies hit the waves for surfing, spilling, chilling and riding to […]

Stories From Camp

Sammy the Seal putting on a show!

Usually when we head down to the Queenscliff harbour and walk along the marina we are keeping our eyes peeled for a stingray or two. The stingrays glide along the marina under the boats looking for fish scraps thrown out by the fisherman. Today we had an unexpected guest Sammy the Seal. Usually Sammy is […]