We are a children's charity located in Queenscliff, Victoria

At Cottage by the Sea we strive to offer young people inspiration, fun and opportunity through a number of tailored camp programs that aim to let kids be kids. Whichever program our campers are involved in, they are encouraged to have fun, take risks and explore options in a safe and supportive environment.


take a break

Take a Break

The Take a Break program covers our mainstream weekly Cottage camps. The program emphasises co-operation and respect and encourages children to be healthy, active, happy and secure. This program also includes camps offered to children from areas affected by disasters such as bushfires and floods, as well as Refugee families.



Recreation, Education, Environment, Friendship

The REEF program is an experiential learning program designed to give young leaders of the future a head start. Beginning in grade six, the two year program follows a group of students through their final year of primary school and their first year of secondary school. The young people attend camps based at Cottage by the Sea or offsite in a range of outdoor environments. The REEF program provides an important adjunct to school, presenting students with an opportunity to develop their potential.



Graduates of the REEF program are eligible to become CBTS Mentors. The Mentor program includes students in year 8 up until year 12. It builds upon the skills taught previously, further extending the young people. The underpinning goals of the program are for young people to be actively contributing to their community at school, home and at CBTS. Based around a challenging outdoor recreation program both at CBTS and offsite.



Our National Program involves our partnership with the Cathy Freeman Foundation and in particular, their Horizons Program. Each year 75 students experience one of five trips to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra.